Photo catch-up

I know I haven't been posting much (or at all) lately. Sometimes he works a lot. I still cook though! 

 The proof is in the photodump.

Mmm potatoes

Fishes are delicious

I still make chronic salsa

And guacamole :)

More fishes!

If I were ever to teach someone to cook, this is where I would start.


Breakfast is easy

Fried salsa + sesame paste + chicken = yum

Fish with jalapeño lime cilantro garlic... Sauce

Spicy chicken stew!


Marinated Jicama. Turned into an epic salad.

Apparently I use cilantro, lime, jalapeño, and garlic to marinate everything.  In this case, a tri-tip.

Crock-pot ratatouille!

This turned into red Thai curry paste.  Going to cook some chicken and squash in it.