Sorry i haven't been all that active on here the last week.

A few things are to blame:

1) I'm trying to be frugal this month, and my "publishable" cooking adventures tend towards the expensive.
2) My creativity has been spread thin because I've been painting and playing bass and hiking a lot this week (guess i can put a few pictures of that stuff on here even though it isn't food-related).
3) The few things that I did cook nicely, I failed to take enough pictures of, or they were someone else's recipe and i didn't alter anything, or something like that.

So because of all this, I'll just throw some photos up here and call it a day.

I promise to make something delicious and take proper pictures soon. (Thinking gazpacho is in order pretty soon.)

anyway here we go:

the kimchi i made is ready!
Not the best ever, but now I know what to try the second time around (more napa, more garlic, less diakon, more finely ground chilis... i really need a mortar and pestle). Another round and I might be ready to go into full production mode.

Adventures in Acrylic Abstract

A hike by the bay! (Albany Bulb)

A dragon made out of trash! (I heart repurposed junk.)

Heart of palm and chipotle soup!
(Thanks to ingrid hoffman, as usual.)

Heart of palm and chipotle soup in soup form.

Cupcakes courtesy of my roommate Mike. Spice cake with orange, cream-cheese-based mint and jalapeño frosting. The final version was topped with candied jalapeño, but he didn't garnish them at home so I couldn't take that picture, alas.

Punjab Saag with chicken and saffron rice.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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