Sometimes he goes to Europe

Been busy lately, so I'm afraid this blog has fallen down quite far on my list of priorities.

I haven't forgotten entirely, don't worry, but I also don't have the time to make a real proper post at the moment.

I've been doing a lot of traveling over the last few months and have eaten a lot of great food.  I've also been less than wealthy because of my travels, and as a result of my financial status, I haven't been cooking anything all that interesting (at least not interesting enough for me to think of any of it as blog-worthy).

I'd like to get some pictures up on here though, so you can see that I haven't fallen into a ramen-rut at least.

Anyway, here goes:

I'll start with some of the food I was served on my European Vacation, which took me through 9 cities in 15 days:

And what better place to start than with a full English breakfast?
This was from a little place in London called MyCafe, and after a looong flight, a long day of walking around london, and a long night of drinking, this was pretty much perfect. (All I have to say is that I was glad i had the foresight to bring my multivitamins to the UK with me...)

I couldn't leave England without another classic either:  fish and chips.
 (I actually had this in two different places, but didn't take a picture of the first one).  These chips were hands-down the best I have ever eaten. Crispy on the outside, hot and soft on the inside. 

A few train rides later and we were in Edinburgh, where I had one relatively forgettable meal in the evening, and courtesy of the fringe festival, another very long night of partying.  Fortunately, the Scottish are just as capable of frying up a mean hangover-killer breakfast:

It's like black magic. Tasty, greasy, savory black magic.

Then a day and a half later, also like magic, we were in Amsterdam learning about Panakuken.
Mine was basically a shrimp pizza... on a pancake. Pretty ridiculous.
Sadly we didn't visit spain on our trip, but we did find a really great tapas place in amsterdam and had a wonderful lunch there.
Pretty sure I could eat tapas for every meal of every day for the rest of my life and be just fine with that.

Seems like i didn't take any pictures of any of my meals in Germany or Luxembourg sadly, but while staying in Lux, we did pop over the border to Belguim, where (as well as getting some good trappist brews and fries) we also sat down to a very lovely french-style meal.  I had a spicy saucy shrimp dish (not even going to try to recall the french description):
Let's see... last but not least, there was Paris, and my first encounter with escargot. (I absolutely LOVED it, by the way)

I wish I would have thought about this blog more while i was there and taken a more thorough set of pictures, but I was on vacation, and apart from random snapshots here and there, documenting my meals wasn't exactly on my mind.  There was plenty of delicious food across the entire trip, and I'm glad i captured pictures of at least some of it!

I'll definitely be revisiting most of these places in the future.

Ok that's it for now.  I'll try to get another update in soon!

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  1. That is some awesome looking food you had. What did you think of the mushy peas, not a fan, but some love it. Don't the English and Scottish make an amazing breakfast, I think they are some of the best in the world.