Breakfast Burritos for Lunch!

I'm a big fan of eggs and vegetables for breakfast.

However, I have never really developed the habit of eating breakfast in the morning.  I know I should at least get something in me right away, and i do try to at least have some juice or yogurt or something, but I don't often cook a meal in the morning.

I do like a long lunch however, so here's today's action:

Simple Breakfast Burritos


2 eggs
2 green onions
2 cloves of garlic
1 medium sized tomato, sliced
1 handful of parsley
a hunk of cheese
(this time around i used Añejo cheese)
2 tortillas


Heat a skillet or fry pan with a bit of oil
(I used Olive Oil cause i'm an addict).

Start by frying the tomatoes until they're a bit firmed up and a good amount of liquid has come off and burned away.

Chop the green onions and garlic and add them to the pan

Add the eggs (I like to make a little basket out of the vegetables and just crack the eggs right into it)

Chop the parsley and dice the cheese (very small cubes), then add them to the pan

Now that it's all in there, loosely scramble it up and cook until the eggs are... well however you like them.  Split this into the tortillas and serve.

Whole process takes about 20 minutes.

This is the kind of meal that i make a lot for myself because it's quick and easy, and there's not a lot to clean up afterwards.

To me, it also serves as proof that even if you're just throwing some stuff together that you happen to have in the fridge, it's worth the extra effort to turn it into something delicious.

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