so here goes nothing

I'm going to use this first posting as a chance to explain how i came to the decision to start a food blog.  It's definitely not something i would have envisioned myself ever doing, even a few years ago, so i think an explanation is in order.

I have never had formal training or any sort of professional experience preparing or even serving food. Nor do i particularly desire either of those things (though I am often told that i should give one or the other a shot). I don't aspire to become a recognized chef or celebrated cook, I simply appreciate good food and enjoy every opportunity to learn how to get more of it.

I certainly don't cook gourmet meals every time I eat, though maybe if i always had the necessary groceries on-hand, i might try.  As it is, I'm no stranger to the local taquerias, simple pre-made sandwiches and the like from the grocery store, or just a whatever-happens-to-be-on-hand-slapped-together type of meal. I'd love to eat super great every day, but it just doesn't happen in normal life. Hell, when I was going to school there were several-day periods where all i had was some kind of ramen, so I'm no stranger to the quick cheap meal.

Over the course of the last few years, when I have decided to cook for myself (and especially when I have found myself cooking for others) I have slowly and without noticing or really meaning to, been raising the bar for myself.  I never really realized that what i was doing was teaching myself to cook.  Once I finally did realize that I had accidentally developed a pretty serious hobby out of cooking, I pretty much just embraced it.

Even more recently, when I have found something I have really enjoyed making, I've been trying to share it with people. Whether by making food and bringing it to parties, or just posting my cooking adventures on FB it's been enjoyable to share my food with others. Now apparently all of that has led to this.

I'll start by moving a few of my previously shared recipes here, and until i get into the rhythm of developing new content a few times a week, I'll keep doing that.  I'm hoping that all of this will inspire me to cook something new at least a couple times a week, and that sounds like a delicious thing indeed.


  1. Sounds good to me! I'll follow with interest!

  2. mark your party food always rocks! can't wait to steal your recipes :)

  3. You conjured this up after watching the movie "Julie & Julia" didn't you ;-)

  4. I've been thinking about doing it for quite a while for sure... but that movie was definitely a good push.