BBQ season in full swing

My lack of posting lately means I need to reconsider the way I handle this blog... I feel like I need to come up with something incredible to justify a full post and recipe listing, but I suppose that really isn't the case. I still am cooking several times a week, and now that summer is here, the barbecue/potluck season is really starting with a bang.

I attended/cooked at least a little for 3 different barbecues this weekend alone.

Sadly, I didn't really make anything new... I think that's one of my main holdups with this blog at the moment, is that I've been making a lot of repeat recipes lately, or being part of a lot of barbecues where I'm just bringing along a salad or making some guacamole or something little. I don't see this trend turning around all that quickly with it being so beautiful here in the summer, so I'll just have to start taking a lot more pictures of everyone else's food as well, and the BBQ goodness in general. I'll try to throw in a new recipe once in a while as well.


Anyway, don't have a ton of time, so i'll just make another quick photo update with captions for today.

Made another round of one of my favorite salads ever; I could eat greek salad every day I think.

This was part of the third of three barbecues this weekend.  What's funny is that I go to/host barbecues all the time, and I still really don't get all that much practice doing any actual grilling because I'm always inside making a salad or something... not that I wouldn't happily take the grill spot.

Here's the nice little spread we had for this quiet little pre-show BBQ

Endives have been showing up everywhere lately...  I only just discovered them this year, and now I see them everywhere, other food blogger talking about them, restaurant menu items touting them, myself obsessively buying them... cut them in half, throw on a little salt, pepper, and olive oil and toss them on the grill! I love how endives absorb surrounding flavors so easily.

Somehow that was the only picture I took of food at that barbecue...  what a shame, because there were some good eats, including a nice tri-tip, chicken, awesome bread, some of the best black beans I've ever had in my life, veggie kabobs, grilled mango... how did i not take pictures of all of that?

Like I said, I'm rarely the one that does the actual grilling.  Here are a few of pictures of some of my friends making delicious happen on some pretty impressive grills.

Ok that's it for now.  I can't promise any really elaborate recipes or anything too soon, but I will definitely be better about taking pictures when there's good food in my life.  I think for the summer, that's just how this is going to have to be for the most part.

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