A little more grilling

Haven't done too much lately as far as involved recipes or any real fancy meals, but here's some action from the last week or so.

we've had a few really nice afternoons and evenings lately, which has called for some grilling for sure.

here's another nice veggie combo i found for the grill:

1 Tbsp. butter
10 or so crimini mushrooms, sliced
a bunch of asparagus, sliced
salt + pepper

do the slicing and stuff, cut up the butter and lay it out on a big piece of tinfoil, spread out the veggies and add the spices.  Wrap the whole thing up in a nice packet with the tinfoil (i often use 2 sheets to prevent leaking), and throw it on the grill for 20 minutes or so (pretty much as soon as the coals are ready and until you're done with everything else).

This day I also had the standard trinity in another packet (celery, pepper, onion) as well as some barbecued chicken.

However, i had recently learned that Mike had never tried lobster....

it also happened to be the day after valentine's day, which i'm going to remember from now on as a great day to get cheap 2-packs of lobster tails (cheap being used in a very relative way here), so i got one of those, marinated them in lime, olive oil, salt and pepper, and threw them on the grill as well.


So now he HAS tried lobster.

the verdict? not worth the money.
I can't say i totally disagree... could get a heck of a lot of shrimp for the same price... but once in a while it's fun for sure.

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  1. i prefer crab to lobster - way more for your money.