Sometimes he screws it up. Chipotle Hollandaise



Eureka!    Chipotle Hollandaise

Sadly, about 5 minutes after that picture was taken, I got distracted by something else and totally broke the hollandaise when I was just trying to keep it warm. Oh how I wish I would have just let it get a bit cool.  At least i got a few tastes of it before it broke.   Hands down the best hollandaise I have ever made... I fit 2 sticks of butter into 3 egg yolks!  Plus lemon and a Tbsp of adobo from the chipotle can!

I ended up mostly just eating these with no sauce...

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  1. Chipolte hollandaise sounds so good!! I bet its amazing, broken or not, with artichokes. You have a fun blog, I really enjoy it! I found you on foodieblogroll.com :)